We boost and revitalize your organization through a combination of sharp analytics, business understanding and visualization skills. Creating clarity and insight. From there we help you build your strategy, value proposition, better processes and message.

Mobilizing constructive energy inside your team and company speeds up implementation and thus faster realization of your goals.



Issues we help to solve

  • We have a strategy, but how do we make it work?
  • They don’t understand us (me)
  • Profitability is declining
  • We’ve lost our energy
  • Our portfolio is aging
  • Our speed to market is too low


  • Consultancy & Interim management
  • Building Vision & Strategy
  • Boosting real Innovation
  • Improve Marketing & Sales
  • Process redesign
  • New Business Development




Visual Strategy - proces



  • Peter Nijpjes - Visual Strategy

    Closing the gap

    The effective implementation of a large IT Change program could be boosted by addressing an important underlying issue: the tension between IT and the business divisions. Visualizing this brought people closer and improved relations.

  • Peter Nijpjes - Visual Strategy

    This really works!

    Department Director in a large bank:
    “My hiring and intake process has never been this easy! I show them this and they get it within a few minutes they’re on board.”

    Visualization of the department strategy appears to have positive side effects in many area’s.

  • Peter Nijpjes - Visual Strategy

    Vision on services development

    A large player in IT Infrastructure / connectivity found their vision and strategy hard to get across. Working closely together with a diverse team this complex story was built up logically and visualized.

  • Peter Nijpjes - Visual Strategy

    Wake them up!

    Visonairy IT Director concludes that his organisation misses the awareness and thus a sence of urgency to change the present situation. A shared sense of urgency is step 1, so Visual Strategy analyzes the current situation and makes sure everybody can get the picture.

  • Peter Nijpjes - Visual Strategy

    Define the dot

    Now the energy for change is mobilized, it needs a clear direction. Through a small series of sessions with various stakeholders input for a compelling future perspective was gathered. Once visualized this dot on the horizon was a clear aim during the restructuring of the organization.

  • Peter Nijpjes - Visual Strategy

    Go to market /
    On the same page

    The international market introduction of a new concept is a complex operation. Great help can be gained from a clear picture of the key ingredients for those involved. Puts their contributions and tasks in the right perspective and channels their creativity in the desired direction.

  • Peter Nijpjes - Visual Strategy

    From over 100 down to 4

    A large service platform implementation company wants a consistent and well structured sales pith for their representatives. Working with a selection of the Sales force the enormous (and boring) slide deck is reduced to 4 pictures, inspiring much more energy.

  • Peter Nijpjes - Visual Strategy

    Clear solutions

    Are you also looking for progress on complex issues?
    Feel free to contact Peter.




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Peter Nijpjes

Industrial design engineer with 30+ years of international management experience. Excels in fresh perspectives and energetic solutions. His visual approach invites others to contribute to an optimal result.

His personal mission:
"To contribute to people, nature and business through the creation of concepts, images and products that inspire solutions for growth, harmony & flow."

Peter previously worked for GE, Capgemini Consulting and Kendrion.

More information can be found on LinkedIn.

Peter Nijpjes


Peter Nijpjes – Visual Strategy

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